Are you ready to take a deep dive and become Soul Centered?

  • Are you ready to live a more mindful life?
  • Are you ready to finally commit to a meditation practice?
  • Are you ready to learn some breathing techniques that can help calm you down almost immediately?
  • Let me guide you with this process. Check below to see all of the wonderful things you will learn by taking my online Soul Centered Book Club.

Week One

  • To define Soul-Centered: What is it?
  • To learn and apply the 5 Essentials for Successful Meditation
  • To define and understand mindfulness
  • To examine how and where you pay attention
  • To assess the state of self-awareness
  • To understand the value of present moment awareness
  • To learn to be mindful in activity
  • To develop or continue a daily meditation practice

Week Two

  • To distinguish and analyze the underlying causes of stress
  • To recognize and illustrate how stress response affects the mind and body
  • To understand and analyze the various ways stress is released
  • To practice and review the Long, Slow, Deep Breathing
  • To experience Peacefinder Practices
  • To learn when and where to meditate
  • To continue one’s practice of the seated Breath Meditation

Week Three

  • To understand the concept of beginner’s mind
  • To distinguish the mind’s default network vs. the direct experience network
  • To explore interconnectedness
  • To apply the beginner’s mind concept to one’s daily meditation practice
  • To continue to strengthen one’s practice of the Seated Breath Meditation
  • To practice walking without labels exercise

Week Four

  • To explore compassion in your daily life
  • To understand how compassion changes the brain
  • To know the difference between self-compassion and self-esteem
  • To cultivate a loving relationship with your body through meditation
  • To identify thoughts that cause mental anguish and employ self-inquiry as a means of questioning these thoughts
  • To apply affirmations to create a better attitude towards one’s self
  • To practice the Loving Kindness Meditation

Week Five

  • To explore the concept of the soul and define soul for yourself
  • To identify the soul’s qualities in others and in yourself
  • To know the difference between being soul-centered and being ego-centered
  • To understand and practice the use of mantras and how and why they work
  • To understand and describe the range of experiences in meditation
  • To learn about transcendence
  • To describe the practice of Self-Inquiry and how and when to practice it with meditation
  • To understand and define mudita and recognize ego-centered habits of mind
  • To explore interconnectedness

Week Six

  • To understand neuroplasticity
  • To explore the concept of integrity and reflect on your own integrity
  • To explore your intuition and following it
  • To learn to express yourself authentically
  • To learn the value of your attention
  • To understand the value of and practice compassionate Communication
  • To experience the practice of the heart-centered breath

Week Seven

  • To learn to acknowledge your heart’s desires
  • To cultivate gratitude through journaling and meditation
  • To understand the mechanics of intention and desire
  • To practice being detached to the outcome
  • To practice staying open to the possibilities and practice receiving

Week Eight

  • To learn additional ways to nourish and support your mind and body
  • To understand how the rhythms of nature support the mind and body
  • To review how to maintain a successful meditation practice

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